2 in 1 Maternity & Nursing Clothes

Some moms to be may ask "can I wear the nursing dress during my pregnancy". The asnwer is absolutely YES.


Nowadays, most of the maternity clothes are designed as 2 in 1 maternity and nursing clothes: you can wear from the beginning of your pregnancy,

throughout it and also during nursing. These dresses adapt to your morphologies throughout and after pregnancy, but also have been

withhidden nursing openings (zip/ front or both side/ center openings) so you can breastfeed your baby anytime anywhere. From

causual to dressy, or back-to-work, our selections help you feel confident and looks great, too!


Our selection are designed to be comforatble to wear. Enjoy gorgeous maternity nursing clothes that are flattering and made with your active

lifestyle in mind. You may find the functional and modest 2 in 1 maternity and nursing clothes. Enhance your style during this special time with

maternity nursing clothes from mammahouse.com. 


So, when to buy maternity/nursing clothes: the best time start buying them is when your normal clothes are getting a little snug. But remember to

buy them a little larger becaused your stomach will continue to grow.