How to Select Maternity & Nursing Clothes or Bra

Maternity Clothings or Pants or Shorts 

Maternity wear VS Nursing wear:

--> Customer may find there are 2 types of product in our maternity & nursing range. One is maternity while another one falls under nursing. Maternity dress or tops means there are no nursing opening which customer may wear during different stage of pregnancy.

--> While Nursing wear means moms can wear it during pregnancy & nursing period. For nursing wear, there are nursing opening (either zip or both side or center opening) which with easy access for moms whom plan to give the best gift for your baby; breastfeeding! 

--> If you are purchasing in your early stage of pregnancy, do remember to leave some room for your body to grow, especially your bust, belly, hips and thigh. 


Maternity Bra

Why maternity and nursing bra is required?

-> regular fashion bras are not constructed to provide enough support & comfort you will need as your breast grow heavier and become more sensitive. 

-> maternity and nursing bra are design to accommodate your enlarging breasts, your expanding rib cage, and the increased strain on your chest muscles

-> with the support of maternity and nursing bras, they may help to eliminate stretch marks

-> you may required to have your maternity bra started from the 4th month of pregnancy


Why NOT underwired bra?

Wearing normal underwire bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended (especially during breastfeeding period ), for simple reason underwires place pressure on the milk ducts, potentially blocking milk flow and leading to plugged milk ducts. This may lead to nasty infections requiring antibiotic intervention, which can interrupt your breastfeeding routine.


Do you need a sleeping nursing bra?

Leaking breasts are natural during the first few months of nursing at night time, you may find a comfortable sleeping bra to be able to use nursing pads in the beginning than normal bra. The nrusing bra normally designed cups cross slightly in front, allowing for easy opening by pulling one cup to the side to reveal the breast. You may require at least 2-3 pieces during your breastfeeding period. Some may require the sleeping nursing bra during pregnancy to protect the sensitive nipple during night time.