Our Bank Details

Below is our bank details for your reference. 

Any payment details pls EMAIL to us as below guide. Your purchased orders would not be delivered until we have your EMAIL confirmation.

Our Bank Details is as Below, kindly inform details of payment and your order number by email to us once payment is made. Please arrange the exact amount as per the purchase order. 

Please indicate order number/ total amount paid/ to which of our bank to order@mammahouse.com for prompt arrangement.

Account name: MAMMA HOUSE

1a. Bank: Maybank
1b. Account number: 512718102491


2a. Bank: CIMB
2b. Account number: 8003013906 (new no.)/  1238-0009480-058 (old no.)


3a. Bank: Public Bank
3b. Account number: 3167992707

Once payment done, pls email your order/payment details as below:

1.) Mamma House Bank Name - Maybank or CIMB or Public Bank (pls indicate)
2.) Banking Date -    
3.) Banking Time -     
4.) Banking Reference No (if have) -  
5.) Total ammount you have paid -  
6.) Your Purchase Order No -

You may send the above info to: Email Address :order@mammahouse.com
Your purchased products will not be delivered until we have this confirmation.

Any overpaid would be arrange as store credit for your next purchase, pls email us details order@mammahouse.com.

Please arrange payment in 2 days or your order would be automatically cancelled

All onlines order will be by courier once payment is made and notification has reached us as per the cut off time arrangement.


Thank you for your support! ^_^  

Wishes you happy pregnancy & sccuessful nursing !